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14 November 2016 & 1:34 AM

i love this.

1. Close your eyes and think of five things that make you smile when you think about them. What are they?

  • you.
  • you.
  • you.
  • you.
  • us   
2. If your house was on fire and you had sixty seconds to leave, what would you take with you?
  • 60 saat ja? sempat ambil apa ja 60 saat? tak ambil ape lah. akan berusaha untuk mengelakkan sebarang kebakaran daripada berlaku hahahah
3. When you're alone in the middle of the night and you can't quite get to sleep, what do you think about? 
  • fikir apa yang boleh buat untuk bagi semua benda okay balikla... huhu 
4. What is love to you?
  • love is...... bila kita tau dia takdak duit, tapi kita nak keluar gak ngan dia pastu kita habiskan duit kita gak bagi dia semua haha. love is. everything about someone you love. maleh la. panjang kalau nak describe.
5. What is the opposite of love?
  • sacrifies? haha
6. Is it possible to love someone if you don't love yourself?
  • boleh jerrrrrrrrrrrr. i selalu buat gitu coz i never love myself because i love other people more than i love myself wakakakak
7. Is it better to have something amazing and lose it or to never have had it to begin with? 
  • is better to never have had it at first.... pabenda dah ada something amazing pastu nak lose ush lebih baik tak ada dari awai haha
8. Do you focus more on the past, the present or the future?

  • i always 24/7 focus on the past...................................... idk why. huhu
9. Do you judge people for what they wear or how they express themselves?
  • i am a bad person one im not judging i kutuk org je muahahaha 
10. When you're very scared or worried, what do you think about or do to help you feel better?
  • i sleep so i can call him. in my dream. then i cried.
11. How do you feel about what happens after death?
  • taktahu lah hmmmmmmmmm tak pernah mati lagi la tak leh nak rasa
12. Do you have any special or magical memories you'll always have with you?
  • ada... memori...... ni.... rare gila......................... lah
13. How would you define yourself, without saying your name or giving a physical description of yourself or your obvious personality? 
  • ... payohnya soklan
14. When do you feel truly at peace?
  • waktu tidur. waktu tu salunya tak fikir apa dah.
15. Do you believe happiness can exist without sadness?
  • entah lah. cane happiness tu pun taktau yang tau sadness je hahaha
16. Is there a reason for existence?
  • mother&father
17. Do you believe people need breaks from each other, even if they're deeply in love?
  • yes. idk. but yes. yes. 
18. What do you find most beautiful in people?
  • the way they treat people.............. 
19. Do you take questions like these literally or pick up on what they really mean?
  • i answer all these questions because i wanted to know more about myself..

stres tak habis lagi. tapi duk buat minatang ni. nasib baik dah hilang sikit stres buat benda ni haha.

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